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As one of the top commercial video production companies in Los Angeles, we love to keep the standards of our video production services high. We want to understand what our clients' strategies and goals are before we start their project. We know that finding and hiring a TV commercial production company requires time and research, and we are here to make the whole process faster and easier in order to move on to the fun stuff: THE CREATIVE WORK!

​We have been working on a wide range of projects for clients and companies in different industries: Tech, Fashion, Beauty, Medical, Products, Services and many more. Promoting a product or a service through working on a commercial video takes a lot of time and effort, and we continuously provide updates to our clients throughout the process. We work closely with them to go over the concept, the schedule, the budget, and deliverables. Our goal is to constantly exceed our clients' expectations and retain their business.

Our TV commercial production house offers services ranging from pitching different ideas, treatment development and scripting, to pre-production, casting, hiring the crew, location management, production design, set building, hair, makeup, wardrobe, directing, and finally post-production. In addition to working with companies and brands, we are always thrilled to collaborate with other commercial production companies as well.

We hope our work intrigues you and you end up choosing us as your Los Angeles commercial video production company.

Zane Productions BBB accreditation

Professional commercial video production companies know about getting you one thing: Attention. In today's age, getting noticed is everything. It's what sets a brand apart from the rest and brings in the revenue needed. The competition is fierce, and it only gets harder to get products or services the attention they deserve. That's where our professional production company come in. We know all about the complexities of getting the attention a brad needs, and they deliver it in spades. Our services are about more than just filming a few shots and stitching them together. We craft a carefully curated experience that draws people in, keeps them engaged, and leaves them wanting more. It's the secret weapon that top-tier businesses use to stay ahead of the competition, and one that no brand should overlook.

With over 270 music videos and commercials filmed and delivered over the last seven years, Zane Productions is the fastest-growing video production company in Los Angeles, and with good reason! We offer more than just a place to make your next video, we offer solutions to get your brand infront of your target audience using effective commercial videos.


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