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Updated: Oct 30, 2023

A video production company in Los Angeles doesn't have to be such a difficult thing to find. However, not all video production companies are designed the same. A business that wants to partner with a professional production company needs to find a partner that it can trust and has its best interests at heart. More importantly, you need to find a company that knows what they're doing and has a proven track record. Zane Productions is one of the top video production companies in Los Angeles, partnering with some of the most prestigious clients in the city to make videos that draw attention and spark interest.

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Getting The Right Eyes: The Segway Study

Segway is a well-known transportation company. Their invention of the personal transporter has revolutionized transport in specific locales. However, the company has consistently struggled to make an impact since its early successes. Los Angeles, in particular, is a difficult market to make a dent in. With so many different media competing for the attention of watchers, it can be difficult to find the right balance to get people's eyes on your video content. Segway approached Zane in 2022 to do their Press Day video, and they were stunned by the response.

With an eye for professional video production, Zane Productions took the Segway Press Day Video to new heights, reaching out to their core demographic directly. Informed by trends within the industry and armed with market research that allowed Zane to reach out to the company's core viewers directly, they were able to sway quite a lot of consumers. Naturally, this meant an uptick in interaction with the brand and a more prominent place in pop culture. Segway's Press Day video remains one of the most stunning achievements for video production and something that most companies should seek to emulate.

Why Choose A Professional Video Production Company?

With all the options available for building videos out there, hiring a professional to do a video shoot might seem like a waste of money. However, while you could put together a video that looks professional on your own, there's a distinct difference between that and one shot by pros. As one of the top Los Angeles video production companies, Zane Productions gives you a video that isn't just done to look good but to reach out to your audience. We produce video that resounds that makes your customers stop and think. With so much competition for your consumers' attention, do you really want to leave your video production up to people who aren't professionals?

Choosing the Right Partner

Zane Productions (@directorzane) is among the best firms for video production in Los Angeles. There's a reason we're the fastest-growing video production company in the city. We've partnered with companies both large and small to help them bring their dreams to life through video. Along the way, we've learned lessons that allow us to spot the problems that might occur and head them off before they do. If you're looking for a production company that knows the best approach to get your audience interested, email us, call us, or fill out our contact form so we can get back to you. Your video advertising is too important to leave to chance. Choose professionals who know what they're doing to get the most oomph out of your video.



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