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Video production companies create, edit, and distribute videos for various purposes. The main types of video content produced by video production companies are commercials, movie trailers, infomercials, television programs, and music videos. Specific services may include planning, filming, editing, and more. Given that this is highly specialized work that requires thorough knowledge and equipment, it's essential to work with a team that has experience in the field and knows how to meet your needs. In this post, we’ll cover the key advantages that professional video production companies bring to the table.

What Makes for Professional Video Production Companies?

A reputable video production company has all the tools needed to make industry-standard video assets in-house. This includes state-of-the-art cameras, microphones, lighting equipment, and everything else required to produce high-quality footage that can be edited into something competitive in today’s very crowded landscape. These companies also offer professional editing suites and post production equipment, so you know your finished product will look polished. From start to end, teams like ours at Zane Productions know how to create a story from raw footage and turn it into something you can share.

Can You Do It Yourself?

It’s true that the video production process is not as complex as some people make it out to be. Modern tools have been largely democratized; the advent of the smartphone has enabled better video production than ever before. While this is a factor, it’s only one of many that lead to the success of large-scale video production. So, why do the numbers not add up? The answer is simple: expertise. While equipment certainly plays a part in the process of success, the far more significant factor is experience and knowledge. Video production, as identified above, is a multidisciplinary art that pulls from multiple creative fields to be executed appropriately. This is ultimately why going it alone will typically yield inferior results to working with a dedicated expert team. Here are some additional benefits that video production companies offer.

Access to Valuable Networks and Resources

Teams that specialize in video production not only have more experience with the best tools and techniques, but they also have easy access to them. Hiring a video production company gives you access to these resources, which becomes evident in the final finished product.

For instance, with insurance and other logistical systems already in place, professional video production companies can obtain high-end camera equipment and gear for your video.

Additionally, they are connected to networks of professionals and artists who can turn a straightforward video concept into pure movie magic. As long as it fits within your budget, they have everything it takes to turn your vision into a reality.

A video production company should have the following resources at their disposal for all clients:

●         High-quality cameras, drones, dolly systems, professional lenses, lighting, audio equipment, etc.

●         Set design, film studios, and location scouting services

●         Novel storyboarding

●         A variety of talent

●         Services for animation and effects

●         Music archive

●         Editing software

Organization and Efficiency

Working with a video production company means your project will get completed on time and within budget. For video production companies, planning and organization are top priorities due to the numerous moving parts that need to work together. This includes tasks like hiring talent and crew for the same dates and times, in addition to renting equipment and booking locations. This requires a lot of coordination, but video production companies are well versed in handling such lengthy to-dos.

It's not only simpler to achieve when working with professionals, but you can also anticipate a quicker project turnaround time, especially if your business needs their deliverables within a short timeframe. The specific timing requirements and window during which you should receive your first cut of the project following the shoot date(s) will frequently be outlined in your contract.

At the end of the day, this is precisely why many businesses employ video production companies. Having a well-run operation that relieves you of the burden of production means you can tend to your other duties at work.

Call in the Professionals

Zane Productions is the fastest-growing video production agency in Los Angeles, with over 270 successful, industry-leading works over seven years. We’ve worked with some of the world's biggest and most impactful brands. Our clientele includes creative and industry-leading acts and brands like Marvel, UFC, Samsung, Segway, Afrojack, and Spinnin’ Records. At Zane Productions, we’re privileged to be trusted to bring the vision of major brands to life. Our bespoke production process begins with a consultation, which involves learning about our    client’s brand identity, vision, and intention. Pairing these fundamentals with our understanding of the aspirational audience and expert instincts and experience is what yields the seemingly magical results. None of this happens by accident; it’s all part of the process. Just look at the work we did with Marvel and see for yourself!

If you’re ready to get started on your next project, Zane Productions is here to help. Get industry-leading results from professionals you can trust. It all starts when you schedule a consultation. Contact us today to start forging the future of your brand!



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