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Marvel's Iron Man MK50 Robot by UBTECH
90-Second Video

About The Commercial

Commercial opens from black with close-ups of Iron Man MK50 walking/in motion, first focusing on feet and legs then moving to hands and helmet. We then transition to dad setting up robot using a smart tablet in an office showing the robot’s capabilities through graphics. We Iron Man robot replies to the commands through the tablet.

We transition to the kitchen with Dad and Iron Man as teenage son walks in and looks at the robot. Close ups display features of the robot with graphics. Continued shots of Iron Man’s features are displayed. Iron Man robot almost falls off the counter, but with its IR sensor it stops itself.

Dad and Iron Man move to the living room where the robot uses its retractable face plate to reveal the animated LCD screen and speakers showing Tony Starks face and voice calling us to action. Graphics are then used to show off Iron Man’s interactive AR experience. The living room turns into an arena with dad controlling Iron Man fighting off enemies. Son and daughter walk-in and are impressed by the robot’s capabilities.

Dad leaves robot and tablet on kitchen counter and teenage son and daughter pick up the tablet triggering the robot’s password feature. Iron Man’s face plate flips up revealing a video and sound recording of dad asking for the password. Kids look at each other confused and are locked out of robot. Lastly, transition to Medium shot of Iron Man MK50 Robot by Ubtech with Avengers Endgame Logo and background.

About The Company

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