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This music video production fades in from black to the outside of a house. Transition to a balcony where a young woman comes out to water her plants. She’s wearing a green tank top and jean booty shorts. Gold text reads: “LISA YARO”.  Transition back to outside of house where a young man walks on the sidewalk to the house carrying a small paper bag. Gold text reads “MR. LOVA”. The frame pans up to the woman on the balcony as she dances for the approaching man. An over the shoulder shot shows him lifting up the small paper bag. Cut to close-up of the young woman singing. The man begins to walk to the front door as the woman struts back inside. She opens the door for the man and pulls his in. Transition to a fancy living room with fireplace and grand piano. Lisa Yara wears a sequined orange gown with a fur shawl. She continues to sing as she flirts with the man playing the piano. Transition to driveway with luxurious sports car as Lisa enters the frame. She’s wearing a red chiffon top with a black bodysuit and knee-high boots. She dances, sings, and poses around the Ferrari. Cut to overhead shot of Lisa at dining room table singing and leaning forward. She stands up revealing her black bodysuit and fishnets. Cut to close-up of man gazing at her with desire. Lisa poses and climbs onto the table where she kisses her man at the other side. Shots of Lisa singing with the Ferrari are intermixed. Transition to a purple colored outside where Lisa dances and sings in an otherworldly outfit. Transition to full shot of three Lisa’s sitting side by side in front of a galaxy background. Shots of Lisa at all locations roll as she sings. Cut to front of house where Lisa grabs the bag from the man and sends him on his way. Green and black LY logo appear and frame fades to black.

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