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Juicy Ft. Hardy Caprio - Music Video Production

Universal Music Group/Virgin EMI Label

We were excited to work on this music video production in Los Angeles, California with Lola & Lola LTD.

Darkoo's single 'Juicy' featured Hardy Caprio, and with the music video director, Capone, we wanted to create a colorful, fun and vibrant visual to celebrate dark-skinned women.

Universal Music Group (on behalf of Virgin EMI) released the music video on March 5, 2020.


Video opens with wide shot of a statuesque woman leaning against a white wall, followed by a woman wearing a yellow bikini and heels. Water fills the entire floor. Close-ups show the woman in the yellow bikini posing as another woman is in a blue bikini. Transition to Darkoo rapping on a white platform on top of the water. Overhead and low angle shots of Darkoo roll intermixed with the women dancing. Transition to wide shot of Darkoo and all the women dancing on the platforms with a sexy sports car in the background. More close-ups show each of the women dancing and acting flirty. The woman in the yellow bikini begins to strut into frame and joins Darkoo on the platform and begins to dance with him. A final overhead shot of Darkoo on the platform transitions to him on a white runway wearing a yellow jacket and shorts. The frame pans up to him where we can see a city skyline at night. People in the audience are dancing and taking photos as stylish women begin to strut on the runway. A red-haired woman struts and poses. She is joined by several other women who strut and show off their hot outfits. Hardy Caprio hops on the runway with Darkoo and the model and gives his verse. Lastly a slow-motion trippy shot of the sports car driving down a road at night. Darkoo hangs out of the passenger window waving and even facetimes a girl. Lastly, two women from the beginning are sitting back-to-back posing with the water reflecting onto them. Fade to black.

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