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Afrojack, Lucas & Steve, Dubvision
EDM Music Video Production

This is our third music video production for Afrojack! We were excited to work with Spinnin Records on this music video production in Los Angeles, CA. In this video production, we go on an exciting journey with three couples only to be pleasantly surprised by a romantic twist at the end.


This music video production opens with a full shot of a man and woman cuddling on an unmade bed as the frame starts out small and eventually fills out. A close-up shows the woman looking down at the man who looks at her lovingly. She then smiles back. A full shot shows her jump up and out of bed as the man watches happily. She walks to the door. Cut to a close-up of a middle-aged of the woman. She walks back into a different bedroom where she wakes up the now middle-aged man. She pulls him out of bed as he jokingly struggles. Cut to a close-up of a towel being folded. Transition to medium shot as a grey-haired man slides the towel. A grey-haired woman enters the frame and surprises him with a hug. They smile as they embrace each other. Cut to an extreme wide shot of an SUV on a desert road. Transition to a two-shot of the grey man and woman sitting in a red convertible. The woman dances and raises her hands in the air as the man drives. Shots of the outside of the other two cars roll. We see both the young and old couple enjoying the ride and both women stand and turn around in the cars freely. Cut to the grey-haired woman joyfully walking on the sand at the beach. She throws off her shawl and pulls the man toward the ocean. They run together holding hands. Cut back to the desert car where the SUV is pulled over. The man pops the hood as the woman sits in the passenger seat with her feet up. The middle-aged couple pulls up at a park their compact car. The open the trunk to grab gear. Transition back to the young couple as the woman pulls out a film camera and begins to film the man. Cut to the middle-aged couple who take a selfie with a disposable camera. The flash transitions to the film camera where the man jokingly blocks the camera. Cut back to middle-aged couple where the woman lounges on a camping chair as the man begins to set up the tent. Back in the desert the woman begins filming the mans behind as he gets embarrassed and tells her to stop. Cut back to the beach where the elderly woman tries to pull the man to the water as he resists. Back at the desert the young woman jokingly splashes water onto the man. Transition to ocean where the elderly woman splashes her husband. Both couples chase each other. At the campsite the couple struggles to set up their tent. Transition to beach where the old couple is snuggled in a towel on top of the car. At the desert the young couple enjoys pizza in the back of the car. At the campsite the couple toast marshmallows and dances together. At the desert the couple climbs a hill as the man gets down on one knee to propose. Final shots of each stage in the couple rolls as each woman gazes fondly at her ring. Screen Fades to black.

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