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This was our music video production with Ainsley Smart. The music video was filmed in Palmdale to look like a secluded in-the-middle-of-nowhere visual. The artist is also so adventurous and loves the outdoors and we wanted to showcase that side of her in the music video.


Video opens with extreme wide shot of desert hills. Center White text reads: “AINSLEY SMART”. A panning shot shows the desert sand and then begins to follow a vintage white convertible. White text to the left reads: “WAY TOO EASY”. Cut to side profile shot of young blonde woman driving the car. Cuts of the outside of the car flash as the song begins and the woman sings. She struggles to drive as the car breaks down. Side profile shot shows her frustrated hitting the steering wheel. A wide shot shows her stepping out of the car revealing her white pantsuit. She pops open the hood as smoke fills the air. She then pulls a change of clothes out of her car. Transition to Ainsley as she sings in the desert now wearing a leather jacket and jeans. She walks around frustrated, even kicking the sand. She then throws off her leather jacket and runs toward a tree as she slowly climbs up. Low angle shots her singing are intermixed as she successfully climbs the tree. She joyfully swings on a branch and jumps down. Cut to a wide shot of a shirtless man in jeans and boots. A close-up shows Ainsley confused as he begins to approach her. Frame fades to white and transitions to wide shot of Ainsley walking up to an old shed. She puts her head down on the bar. She suddenly looks up to see the shirtless cowboy from before. She stares at him as a wide side shot reveals him not to be there. Cut to

extreme wide pan of desert hills as frame crossfades to wide shot of Ainsley running away and up the hills. More low angle shots are intermixed showing her sing as we see her continue to climb up the hill. She reaches the peak and raises her arms and sings. Fade to black. Center white text reads: “DIRECTED BY ZANE”.

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