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Tori V - Music Video Production


Frame fades up from black as white text reads: “TORI V” and “Secrets”. Rocky ocean waves roll. Cut to medium shot of man sitting in the sand next to a pink bottle of bubbly and two glasses as a woman approaches. Transition to a side profile of the blonde young woman. The stands up to join her as she gestures for him to come closer. She then leaps into his arms as the share a passionate kiss. Cut back to the side profile shot where Tori begins to sing. Several shots pan around her and the ocean behind. She is wearing multicolored chain two piece. Shots of the pair kissing are intermixed between Tori singing. In those shots she bites his lips and stokes his arm. A pan of birds beginning to fly off the coast rolls. An ultra-wide shot shows a camera flash as the couple faces each other. Tori begins to pose and dance in her one shot. Transition to close-up of her and the man pressing their heads together embracing. Another camera flashes in an ultra-wide shot as a close-up shows the man turning around to investigate. The frame then pans behind a rock as if the cameraman is hiding. The man gestures at Tori to walk somewhere else. A shot of the ocean waves then cuts to outside a hotel with a pool. Transition to a neon lit bedroom as Tori sings. Cut to Tori lying in bed while the man sits up looking worried. She crawls up and kisses his cheek and tries to caress him as he lifts her hand, kisses it, and puts it off of him. Tori stands up frustrated. Cut to a close-up of feet as pink panties drop to the tile floor. Transition to medium shot of Tori in a pink lit bathtub. In between her singing a security guard outside gets handed an envelope filled with cash from an unknown person in a car. The guard accepts the cash and lets the car through. Cut back to bedroom where the man looks concerned. A shot of a hallway rolls as a man enters the frame with a gun in his hand. The man hears someone outside and quickly grabs his gun as another man busts in. The men point their guns at each other as suddenly the intruder gets a chair thrown on their head knocking them out. Tori looks at her man and they smile. Cut to desert road with black mustang. Tori dances and sings in the road in a pink fluffy coat. She then pulls over the car as her and the man pull the intruder out of the trunk throwing him on the ground. A phone falls out of his pocket. Tori investigates as the phone gets a call from someone named Cody. Tori looks shocked as black and white flashbacks roll showing Tori with a different man. Flashbacks also reveal the man to be who was in the car giving the money to the intruder. Cut back to the beach where Tori puts her finger to her mouth like a secret. Frame fades to black as white text reads: “Some Secrets Are Deadly”. Cut to Mustang speeding away. Fade to black.

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