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Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Music video production may sound like something out of the 90s, but they still have a place in the modern world. Being an artist in the modern day is a complicated thing. The explosion of the internet has been responsible for more breakout artists than any other factor over the last ten years. It is now possible for an artist with little to no industry connections to build a successful and sustainable career if willing to do the work.

The Industry Today

This seismic shift within the industry has meant that, in the 21st century, an artist must, if not entirely on their own, also think about the graphic art and motion graphics to go with their project. The age of an artist’s responsibility being just that of the music is sadly past. The modern-day musician must intentionally and deliberately engage with all the tools at their disposal to tell and deliver in-depth stories and experiences with their music that resonate with their respective audiences.

Music Video Production in Los Angeles

Music videos can allow artists to reach more audiences, communicate their vision and brand effectively and subsequently deepen the relationship those audiences have with the project. Even though technology and hardware have evolved to the point where, at this point, the playing field is effectively leveled, external video production companies are still crucial to the right client. An artist who is just starting and does not have an entire team behind them may not be best placed to seek out a music video production company, but one who is actively releasing, touring, and moving numbers with merch just might. To produce and execute a professional music video, you need to leverage multiple skillsets from video filming, scripting and storyboarding, lighting, editing, and more.

Afrojack & David Guetta Hero - Grammy Nominated music video production

Introducing Zane Productions

Leader In Music Video Production in Los Angeles

Zane Productions (@directorzane) is currently the fastest-growing company in the video production market in Los Angeles. Over the last seven years, our team has produced over 270 commercials and corporate and music videos for various top-tier clients across multiple fields. Our clients have ranged from Spinnin’ Records to the Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group. Check out our work on the Grammy-nominated song “Hero” by Afrojack and David Guetta. In other words, these clients, who in their respective genres are at the top of the game, trust us to execute their vision because they know that we deliver precise results. To put it simply, our reputation precedes us.

We are highly experienced when it comes to putting together a music video production in Los Angeles. One of the primary reasons for our continued and consistent success is because of the bespoke nature of our work. We sincerely believe that every client, their needs, their vision, and what is required to execute their intention to the highest degree are different. Because of this, our work starts with a consultation, where we dive deep to uncover the client’s core ethos and vision. Our results show that starting from this place is a surefire method to guarantee consistent outcomes.

Get in Contact With Us

Are you ready to take that next step with your artist project? Do you perhaps have an upcoming album or single that needs an industry-leading visual to accompany? Give us a call or email today, and let’s get started!



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