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Updated: Jun 29

TV commercial production video in Los Angeles might seem out of a lot of businesses reach initially, and that is why they try to do it in-house. Does your business need a television commercial? Is it ready for that? Do you even need to pay for that externally? What about doing it yourself? That’s a lot of questions. Hopefully, by the end of this read, you’ve got a bit more of an understanding of this process and what is right for your business’s particular needs. Let’s start by identifying what seems obvious; television commercials aren’t suitable for everyone. Generally speaking, if your business is brand new at the start of operations and has not yet established itself, you’re probably better off engaging with social media and other online tools until you find a need to expand. Still with me here? Okay, good.

A TV Commercial Video Production in Los Angeles are Not DIY Projects

There’s a fallacy of thought where people misinterpret the fact that technology and software have been democratized to mean, “Well, I can just do this myself now!” Yes, video editing software and equipment are now cheaper and more accessible than ever, but that’s not PRIMARILY what you’re paying for with a commercial production team. You pay for the experience. You pay for instinct. For pay for peace of mind.

The final fallacy to address is the idea that television, as a medium, is dead, far from it. Yes, social media and the internet are now the reigning king and queen of advertising, but, as of 2020, global advertising expenditure still showed Television accounting for 32% of the market. That’s below internet advert expenditure, but only just below. The second place is far from dead. Keep in mind, as well, that depending on the target market, there are some cases where the primary reach IS on television.

Introducing Zane Productions for TV Commercial Production

Zane Productions (@directorzane) is the fastest-growing video production company in the Los Angeles area. We have been active for over seven years and, in that time, have produced and executed over 270 commercials and corporate and music videos. Our clients range from companies like Marvel to The UFC, from Virgin to the Warner Music Group. That’s quite a wide net of work and, you may notice, many of our clientele are considered top-in-class in their respective industries. The one simple reason why these companies continue to trust is that we deliver industry-leading products consistently. For an example of the quality of our work, check out this commercial we produced for the company IDrive!

Our Promise To You

At Zane Productions, we recognize that filming an effective commercial involves the complex organization and logistical execution of various disciplines ranging from direction to storyboarding, from video filming and lighting to editing, and from audio mixing and engineering to music production. We haven’t mentioned market research, proper branding, or ideation skillsets yet.

If you’re interested in getting an industry-leading experience with conceptualizing and producing a commercial for your brand, we highly encourage you to reach out to us. Call us, send an email, or even fill out the contact form. Our highly-experienced, award-winning, creative team of professionals is ready and willing to help you recognize and execute your vision to nothing short of the highest quality.

Don't just make a video—make a statement. Partner with Zane Productions and let's create something extraordinary together. Whether you're looking for a video production company in Los Angeles, a video production company in New York City, or a video production company in Chicago, we're here to help! 

Contact us today to get started.



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