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Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Are you a brand or a company that’s on the fence on whether or not they’re ready to dip their toes into the world of commercial video production in LA? It’s okay to have questions. It’s essential for any client to want to know things. We’ll level with you. If you’re at the stage of just beginning to start your business, if you’ve not got an active market engaged and next to no capital, then maybe not. If you’re already engaging with an audience and are instead looking at or thinking about expansion - then this is probably something we can help you figure out!

A model in a commercial video production

Dispelling the Commercial Video Production Company Lies

Let’s dispense with two major misconceptions that the average person has first.

● “Television is dead!” - No, it’s not. Many people think that because of how prevalent social media and the internet are, this correlates to television being a dead medium for advertising. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In 2020, television still accounted for 32% of the global advertising expenditure. This is second to social media and internet advertising, but second is a far distance from “dead.” Commercials still matter, and they are still a very effective medium for reaching many people. Some audiences are still primarily reachable via television, depending on who they are.

● “I can do this myself!” - Video editing software and filming equipment are more accessible and affordable than at any other time in history. This has led many people to feel that they can film and edit a commercial themselves, which is technically true. But consider the multidisciplinary process that professional advertising production is. To make something remotely professional, you would require expertise in market research, branding, marketing, video lighting, filming, editing, music production, scriptwriting, direction, casting, post-production, and much more. So, you still believe you’re better off “winging” it?

Getting to Know Us

ZANE Productions (@directorzane) has over seven years of experience and has filmed and produced over 300 commercials and corporate and music videos, making it the fastest-growing video production in LA. Our clientele range from brands like Marvel, Warner Music Group, Spinnin’ Records, and the UFC. Without exception, these are brands operating at the top of their respective fields. They trust us at ZANE Productions for one primary reason; we deliver quality. Just take a look at our work on this tv spot for Marvel!

Our bespoke process begins with the belief that every client is different. As a commercial video production company, we understand that very job is different. The needs and intent are examined every single time anew. Our consultation with each client for every job allows us to get deep into the core of the intention and vision, strip away the layers of communication and arrive at the fundamental truth and who is meant to see and hear it. Our goal is for the end product to resonate with exactly who it is intended to.

If you’re curious about our work, feel free to visit our portfolio at our website, and if you’re ready to get started working with us to realize your vision with our industry-leading standards fully, give us a call or shoot us a message. Our expert team of creatives is ready, willing, and able to help you execute the fullest extent of your vision.

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