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Intergalactic Pov
Pop Music Video Production

This music video production takes us on a romantic intergalactic journey with two lover who escape our gray world and float up to the sky, and then travel deep into the cosmos. We wanted this particular music video production to show how love can lift people up beyond their wildest imagination.


Video opens with ultra-wide shot of Los Angeles city skyline as it fades to sunset. Cut to medium shot of street corner where the back of a young woman sitting can be seen. Transition to people crossing the street and cut to a man in a hoodie sitting on a bench. Then a person riding a bike followed by a masked street violinist. Finally a masked pedestrian scrolling on their phone. Cut to a 360 shot of the tops on high rise buildings. Transition to a full shot where two masked people walk into frame as vocals begin. Close ups show the man and woman’s eyes. The woman dressed in streetwear begins to dance intensely. The man begins to dance in response as she watches. He finally gestures at her and they run out of frame. Cut to an outside staircase as the couple jogs up it. The man drops his jacket on the way up. Transition to a city rooftop wear the couple is free from their masks. Lightening bolts  shoot from their hands as they slowly approach each other. When the couple meets their hands together the world begins to glitch and suddenly they float. A wide shot shows their amazed expression as they rise up through clouds. The couple embraces and hold hands as they float through the sky. Transition to outer space where the couple gazes upon earth. Transition to galaxy where the couple begins to dance with each other. Transition to a milky way where the couple spins and flows into different positions. Cut to low angle shot of the top of a skyrise as stars move in the lit sky. Cut to a woman om a mask on the phone. She has starry purple eyes and begins to lower her phone as she gazes into the sky. The couple in the milky way continue to spin and embrace each other as they turn into blue dust. Two constellations that look like two heads slowly mesh into each other.

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