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In this music video production, Laura Bryna plays the role of a rebellious woman who shows up in a corrupt new town and decides to shake things up!


She had heard stories of a small steampunk western town in the middle of nowhere, and decides to take her chances and visit it. It's a place where people still lived by old customs and values - some good, some bad. As she arrives at the edge of town, Laura notices something strange: an innocent man being forced out of the mayor's office. The mayor's assistant had a piece of paper that showed more taxes were due from him. She rushes over to help the innocent man up after handing over all his cash that ended up in the big walk-in safe full of money bags. 

The mayor looks on disapprovingly at Laura for interfering in what he thinks is none of her business. He could sense trouble coming from this stranger but little did he know how much trouble she'd create! 

Soon enough, Laura starts dancing around town square inviting other women to join her. The men in town watch on fascinated while others felt uncomfortable with such brazen display; they're not used to seeing women express themselves like this! Even though there were whispered warnings about getting too close to these "troublemakers," many couldn't help but be drawn in by Laura's energy.


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