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The Isley Brothers Ft. Snoop Dogg
R&B Music Video Production

It was an honor working with great legends like The Isley Brothers and Snoop Dogg on this pre-recorded performance for The Today Show that was aired on Memorial Day (May 31, 2021).


This music video production opens with wide shot of white studio with light pink and blue lighting. The Isley brothers are center stage with their band and backup singers behind them as well as some people in white couches on each side. Everyone is in head-to-toe white outfits. The camera pans up on the group and then to the backup singers and band. The Isley brothers groove to the opening as Ronald Isley grabs the mic and sings. The camera pans around the room showing everyone jamming along. Next, the people on the couches rise and begin to dance behind the brothers. The form a line and perform in sync with each other. Ronald places his hands on Ernie’s shoulder as he sings from the heart. Ernie then takes the frame performing his guitar solo. Cut to a shot of a table with a smartphone showing a video of Snoop Dogg dancing and performing his verse. Blurred behind the table are the dancers continuing to groove. Cut back to the dancers as they take center stage. Several pans show off each performer. Cut back and forth from the smartphone to the dancers when the Isley brothers reenter the frame to give their finale. Last pans over everyone in the room showing their joy. Fade to black.

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