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Naive New Beaters - Music Video Production

Universal Music France/Capitol Records Music Video


This music video production opens with overhead shot of the hood of a vintage white sedan. A man in a suit wearing leather gloves crawls out from under the car closing the hood. He wipes his forehead and exits the frame. A bird flies over the car, pooping as it flies. Yellow text matching the poop stain reads: “Naïve New Beaters” “I See Fire”. The car begins to drive as the frame follows overhead. A man in a yellow shirt in the passenger seat sings and looks up into the frame. There is no roof to the car and the floor is a lush red carpet. The passenger stands up and walks to a table and yellow chairs with another man who is playing chess. The passenger sits in the chair and looks back up into the frame singing. The man in the other seat looks up and begins to sing as the other guy takes his turn in chess. The guy in the yellow stands up and pats the other guy on the back as he just beat him. The other guy knocks over the chess pieces in frustration as the frame follows the man in yellow as he travels further. He lays down on a green couch next to a TV box with a woman’s mouth is where the screen should be. The frame shifts horizontally as the TV woman sings and the other guy joins. The frame spins 360 degrees as a man with a popcorn cart runs up next to the car. The guy in yellow grabs some popcorn and throws some cash at the vendor. The cash blows away and the vendor runs back to get it exiting the frame. The frame pans further down the car, now showing a pool table. The man in yellow pops some popcorn in his mouth as two guys begin a game of pool. We pan further down the car to a bar cart and fluffy rug with a woman dancing with a cocktail as a man in a suit shakes a bottle of champaign. The frame spins 360 degrees again as the group looks up to the frame singing their parts. The frame pans further revealing a man lounging in a pool chair playing guitar. The man in yellow joins him and lounges as he looks up to sing. The man playing guitar stands up and the frame follows as he hops into a hot tub at the end of the car. The whole group lounges in the hot tub and looks up into frame. A man with balloons runs up to the car as the man in yellow grabs one. The frame then pans away from the limo and onto a black car with a man in the passenger seat with a white mask on top of his head. The driver hands him a bat as he jumps onto the limo. He slowly makes his way to the hot tub where he attempts to swing at the group but is then attacked by a bird and falls off the car. The frame spins 360 degrees as the group puts their hands together in the hot tub and then raises them up in uniform. They lower their hands in a pattern and then back up. Fade to black.

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