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In this new music video production for Persephone's single "Be with Me", we go on an emotional journey with her as she grows out of a humiliating incident.


In this music video production, we follow the story of Olivia, an enigma wrapped in a mystery. By day, she was the shy, unassuming girl who sat in her high school classroom, rarely making eye contact and keeping to herself. She had a small circle of friends, but even they didn't know the extent of her secret. On weekends, she transformed into Persephone, an enigmatic and confident performer who had taken the local music scene by storm. Her performances captivated audiences, but no one knew the true identity behind the mask.

In the chaotic halls of her high school, Olivia's timid nature made her an easy target. She had a crush on a boy in her class, a charming and kind boy who seemed to be adored by everyone. But Olivia could never muster the courage to speak to him, let alone confess her feelings.

One fateful day, Persephone decided that enough was enough. She clutched a letter close to her chest and approached her crush Her heart raced, and her palms were sweaty, but she knew this was her moment.


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